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Mission & History

It all started with the Transpalatal Distractor (TPD) 15 years ago. Surgi-Tec was set up around this idea. The TPD was a revolutionary product in the sector and the pursuit of innovation at this level has continued. We search for what is current in the market and like nothing less than to work with surgeons to develop something new. We are a small Belgian company and, therefore, we can deliver quickly and can maintain a close relationship with our clients. We give these two qualities the highest of priority.

We have machines and the know-how to deliver high-quality products produced in our own production unit. We are also the distributors of the excellent sheet and screw system, that is, the Medartis Mode, to ensure we offer a total package to our customers. This material made in Switzerland fits it perfectly with our vision of quality and class.

Research & Development

Prof. Mommaerts stood at the cradle of Surgi-Tec. Our partnership was further continued through a Professorial Chair at UZ Brussel (Brussels University Hospital) since 2012. This means we are close to the source of what is happening within the mouth, jaw and facial surgery field from a scientific perspective. We also have much market feeling and good contacts with surgeons from the sales perspective and, therefore, we know what is being developed or what is needed. We try and produce ourselves as much as possible while we are happy to be distributors for other products to ensure we can offer a full range.

If you have a good idea you can consult our R&D department to work together with surgeons innovatively.

Quality Management

Surgi-Tec is an ISO 13 485 certified company. This means we implement quality management inside our company. Our medical devices are class IIb according to Directive 93/42/EEC. A CE certificate is also available.
Moreover, being certified proves we are globally operational and this leads to a trusting relationship between us and our different partners. We also only work with certified critical suppliers: choosing the best products and materials on the market is part of Surgi-Tec’s policy.

Quality is not just a word in Surgi-Tec, it’s a way of thinking. As from the moment we create a device or receive an order to the moment we put a product on the market or send it to a client, everything is made safely, effectively and whilst strictly adhering to rules and regulations.